Saturday, 28 July 2012

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

Royal office building at BKC, an Imported Car with chauffeur waiting at main gate, World knows you and aspire to meet you.....!
Its a dream of a corporate life that 12yr old may conceive, but as he takes the form of Stripling this dream diminishes into dream of having a modest office space somewhere in Thane, Imported car gets discounted to some Hatchback maruti car...! But its still a DREAM! An Unattended DREAM! 
But 40yrs later the same person retires from the slavery of some capitalist after minting millions for him with a disgusting realization that a Dream he conceived years ago will never see the light, but what stopped it from happening???

Lack of fund?
No, he made lot of it by working for others!
Lack of expertise?
No, he had a good experience!
Lack of contacts?
No, he made lot of contacts!

He had everything in him that could make him a successful entrepreneur.
He failed to realize he had just this life time to fulfill his dream....
World was deprived of witnessing a Great Success Story just because of the misconception that a business needs a wing of Dollars to take off, but Business is all about an Idea!
He spent years minting money to build his dream, he spent years networking to build his dream, he spent years gaining experience to build his dream....
But in the process he lost all the years that his DREAM demanded to get build!
"ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA" - This thought can get you going, aspiring Entrepreneurs!

Nothing can Stop an Entrepreneur to turn into Successful Tycoon but TIME!
(JUST take 1st step and keep lying that next step will be Final, you will reach your Destination in TIME)